Here at FB Racing Club our aim is to create small intimate syndicates where all members get an owners ticket to the races each time their horse runs. Horses will be split into no more than 12 shares and this means members not only get to know one another but also get an opinion that will be heard. 

Although horses are not owned by the FB Racing Club but have leases for the mares racing career it means there has to be no large capital upfront payment. There are also no hidden costs as all accounts are shared at the end of the year and any surplus at the end will be paid back to each member. Each member will of course receive their equal share of any prize money at the end of each season. 

There will also be regular updates on the horses and entries etc via phone and a WhatsApp group with Video and Audio updates. We are also currently trialing The Racing Manager App with the Fishcake Syndicate and judging by that success this is something that could be rolled out across them all in the future. There will also be yard visits organised to visit their trainers and see their horses exercise and have a better opportunity to meet their trainer.

We truly believe we offer a fun, honest, affordable costing syndicate with some of the best bred mares with arguably the best trainers in Britain & Ireland.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to hear more.

E Lawrence, Cornwall

Fishcake Syndicate

Having been in other syndicates before where I never actually got a ticket to the races I am very excited to get the opportunity to go Racing as soon as possible, and although Lockdown hasn't enabled that I have been very impressed by how up to date we have been kept with our horses progress and find the opportunity of having a share in a really well bred mare at a fixed monthly cost very exciting

P Deane, London

Fishcake & Stormy Ireland Syndicate

This time last year I was just a huge Racing Fan and now I actually have a decent share in 2 mares with the 2 top trainers either side of the Irish Sea, and I am so excited for the future.