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Our aim at the FB Racing Club is supply everyone and anyone with an affordable opportunity to be involved with the best bred mares and fillies who will be in training with the best Trainers throughout Britain and Ireland.

We aim to be competitive on costs and guarantee every syndicate member an Owners badge every time their horse runs and we will always do our best to supply more if they wish to bring a guest. Horses will be split into no more than 12 shares and this means members not only get to know one another but also get an opinion that will be heard. 

Although horses are not owned by the FB Racing Club but have leases for the mares racing career it means there has to be no large capital upfront payment. There are also no hidden costs as the monthly fee is the only cost to members. Each member will of course receive their equal share of any prize money at the end of each season. 

Each member will get regular updates on their horses plus we will also involve them with the Clubs other horses as well because we know that we all follow Racing because we love it and we know that having even a small involvement can increase our enjoyment.

We will organise yard visits as well for people to see their horses on the gallops and meet the Trainers and the whole team in a more relaxed environment.

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